About Hinton, Alberta

Landscape Near Hinton, Photo by ForestRunner

Sitting at the threshold of Jasper National Park and Alberta’s Northern Rockies is the Town of Hinton. In addition to its 9,882 residents, Hinton is a local hub of entertainment, recreation, and tourism activities, and the nearby mountains provide a majestic backdrop for over 4,300 homes. Imagine breathing fresh mountain air every time you step outside! Take advantage of the favourable climate and small town charm at this Gateway To The Rockies!

Although its size and population have changed, much of the landscape surrounding Hinton remains intact. Favourite activities include self guided tours and strolling the Beaver Boardwalk, visiting the Hinton Bike Park, or fishing at Wildhorse Lake. In addition to being nestled next to Jasper National Park, Hinton is also located near Willmore Wilderness Park, Brazeau Canyon Wildland Park, Solomon Creek Wildland Park, and Whitehorse Wildland Park. Thanks to all the natural wonders surrounding it, Hinton brings nature right to your doorstep!

There are many year-round events and activities at the town’s many recreational facilities, such as the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre, which features a 25 metre pool, childrens activities, and skating arenas. Also found in the town is Hinton’s Municipal Library and a world-class skateboard park. Hinton also has Historical Interpretive Centre featuring historical interpretation and education, an artifact document planning area, and a meeting area.

Hinton also brings residents together through local festivals and events. The town’s defining event is the annual Fohn Festival. In celebration of Canada Day, residents gather at Green Square in an atmosphere of food, dance, games, and music. Another favourite Hinton event is the Wild Mountain Music Festival, also referred to as the “Crossroads”. Established in 2007, this festival features an eclectic mix of music, song, and dance. When Hinton residents aren’t celebrating or enjoying the great outdoors, they’re shopping at Parks West Mall. The shopping centre offers clothing stores, a grocery store, restaurants, and a dental clinic.


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From preschool to adult learning, Hinton has a strong local educational system, including a local college option.

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Parks & Trails

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and close to Jasper National Park, Hinton and the surrounding area has some fantastic natural parkland for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Here are some of our favourites.

Indoor Recreation

Hinton has some great indoor sport and recreation facilities, from ice areas to swimming pools.

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As a town on the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains, outdoor enthusiasts love living in Hinton.